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I take pride in using high-quality materials and sustainable practices in my work, ensuring that my ceramics are both beautiful and environmentally conscious. I enjoy the hands-on nature of my craft and find joy in the process of creating each piece from start to finish

My Story

Why I chose ceramics

I have worked in the NHS for 20 years as an Occupational Therapist which included encouraging creativity and using art materials. I taught pottery sessions

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Hot Clay

After a lot of searching around I finally settled on getting my Nabertherm kiln from Hot Clay. Its been a great choice as the pre

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Hand crafted

One of the main benefits of choosing handcrafted ceramics is the level of individuality and uniqueness that they offer. Each piece is made by hand,

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Fri, 19th July @9:30 am - Sun, 21st July @5:00 pm

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My Process

I’m lucky enough to have a garden studio where I can house all my ceramic building needs, from initial drawings right through to firing and glazing. It gives me flexibility so I can work at the weekends or in the evenings. I used to create art with a perfectionists mindset, no matter what medium I was using but through working with other people who were perfectionists, I learnt the power of letting go and just exploring where it leads and not worrying if it does not work out. I accepted that the process of creating my pieces can feel chaotic to begin with. The building of pieces is a conversation between the shape in my minds eye and what the clay is comfortable with. I enjoy that the sculptures are ever changing as it goes through all different stages to get to manifesting.

I begin with a simple sketch drawing that I have by my side when I am building. Once I have built the sculpture I can smooth or carve. I either bisque fire it or use engobes and slips and marks into the surface to increase the narrative around the piece. The different textures created by slips and glazes, the etchings all add to the sculptural element of each individual piece of work. The painted piece is then bisque fired. Then it is the process of glazing, which can take one to three more firings. I find this process useful as I can take time out and do the school run, or take the dog for a walk, and do other not so creative things.

"Great things are done by a series of small things that are brought together".

"Clay is a very interesting and fundamental material; it's earth, it's water, and - with fire - it takes on form and life."
Rithy Panh